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Core Philosophy

Professional, efficient, harmonious Team is the greatest wealth

Hai Feng company's development and expansion has always been inseparable from the support of talent, talent is "the development of the competitive source" business.
After years of struggle, Hai Feng has established a "professional, efficient and harmonious" working team, we have a "good faith, harmony, advancing with the times," the team.

Attract talent

If you are proactive, passionate about their work - you're just what we need; if you thinking, active, willing to innovate - we warmly welcome you to join; if you enjoy learning, continuous improvement ...... If you re-plan, high efficiency ... We provide a broad enough platform for you.

Use of personnel

We advocate "enterprise growth, employee growth," the "double growth" mode, in efforts to achieve the company's goals, but also help employees self-realization, to provide equal opportunities and conditions for each employee to make a fair evaluation of staff performance.


We build "respect knowledge, respect talent," the growth environment, create a "harmonious and fair" working environment, create a good corporate culture, staff amateur rich cultural life and enhance their cohesion, a sense of belonging.